From Argentina to (Benny) Brazil

Personal memories and souvenirs from following Hibernian Football Club between 1978 and 1989.

I started going to matches regularly, home and away, in November 1978 (yes, the year of our national team's glorious adventure in Argentina), with a bunch of school mates.  From the start of the next season till 1989*, I made it to most home games, and several away.  With immaculate timing, I caught the longest spell of trophy-free** and European football-free seasons in recent memory at Easter Road.

I kept newspaper cuttings and occasional programmes throughout that period, probably in the hope of some marvellous success story just around the corner.  Or maybe I just didn't have much of a life back then.  Whatever.  In 2001 I decided that I might as well take my anorak out of the closet and let others have the benefit of this mouldering collection of scraps, via the Wonderful World Wide Web.

Following a stunningly successful half season including that 6-2 derby win, optimism inspired me to complete just about half of this site.  With the club's form and fortunes returning to a more familiar pattern, where hopes of greatness are never quite lost, but are repeatedly battered by the reality of, for example, failing to overcome the might of St Johnstone, enthusiasm for the task has wained a tad.  However, now's the Christmas holidays, and the prospect of avoiding DIY work in the house has spurred me on to renewed efforts to get this thing done.

Thanks for the nice comments so far.  Sorry it's taken so long to update things, but you know how it is:  I'm lazier than... well, I can't be bothered thinking of something I'm lazier than.

Season by Season:

1978-79 : Champagne On Ice

1979-80 : Best and Worst

1980-81 : In the Wilderness

1981-82 : Auld Lang Syne

1982-83 : Stanton Takes Over

1983-84 : Willie Score..?

Under Construction:

1984-85 : Blackley & Durie

1985-86 : Quarter-Finals & Stevie Cowan

1986-87 : When Graeme met Beastie

1987-88 : Miller's Mid-Table Magic

1988-89 : More Miller Thrillers

Bonus Page! - Coronation Cup, May 1953

* My excuse: I left the country.
** First Division Championship and East of Scotland Shield don't count, right?

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